Faculty and Staff

Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated faculty are faculty who are supportive of the mission, goals, and programming of the Urban Studies Program at the College of Charleston.  The director will update affiliates at least once each semester regarding the program.  Affiliates are encouraged to get involved with the program, its curriculum, students, special events, and extra-curricular activities to the extent the affiliate desires.  The program will also help support the affiliate’s professional goals as requested by the affiliate and pending the capability of the program to do so.  The affiliate is invited to share information, resources, and energy as appropriate to advancing Urban Studies at the College of Charleston.   

Name Phone E-mail
Auriffeille, Deborah 843.953.6513 mccarthyd@cofc.edu
Chaffin, LaTasha 843.953.1036 chaffinly@cofc.edu
Covert, Lisa 843.953.3033 covertlp@cofc.edu
Donaldson, Rachel 843.953.6445 donaldsonrc@cofc.edu
Fisher, Brian 843.953.7532 fisherb@cofc.edu
Gigova, Irina 843.953.7329 gigovai@cofc.edu
Goudy, Gayle 843.953.8225 goudygl@cofc.edu
Ingram, Tammy 843.953.1915 ingramt@cofc.edu
Lucka Kelley, Melinda 843.214.8266 kelleym@cofc.edu
Mothorpe, Christopher 843.953.7273 mothorpeca@cofc.edu
Muldrow, Ralph 843.953.4981 muldrowr@cofc.edu
Olejniczak, Bill 843.953.5930 olejniczakb@cofc.edu
Steere-Williams, Jacob 843.953.1420 steerewilliamsj@cofc.edu
Stewart, Kendra 843.953.6691 stewartk@cofc.edu
Stiefel, Barry 843.953.7335 stiefelb@cofc.edu
Stockton, Robert 843.953.8102 stocktonr@cofc.edu
Ward, James 843.953.1800 wardj@cofc.edu