Urban Studies Program

Urban Studies at the College of Charleston
Set amidst an urban landscape, the Urban Studies program is a multidisciplinary major designed to provide students with the academic foundation necessary to understand and be sensitive to the problems and potential of the city and its environment. Students become acquainted with approaches to the study of urbanization through courses offered by several departments including, but not limited to, business administration, economics, history, sociology, political science, and historic preservation and community planning.
The Future of Cities -- Urban Studies at the College of Charleston

The Battery, King Street, Marion Square and Waterfront Park are only a few of the places that make Charleston unique. Have you ever wondered how the revitalization of these places plays a role in the current character of the City of Charleston? Have you ever thought about the significance of revitalization? Have you ever meandered the city's streets and wondered how Charleston has been able to maintain its historic character while cultivating a city of growth? Or you may have wondered how cities like Charleston go about balancing diverse community interests while meeting the pressing challenges of the 21st century including sustainability, demographic change, and housing and employment needs, among others.

Please take a moment to view the following short videos that perfectly capture the essence of the program at the College of Charleston.

If these concepts interest you, than the Urban Studies Program is right for you. Please contact one of the executive committee members if you have any questions.