Urban Studies Photos

Fall 2013

November 14, 2013

Kelly Cousino and Mike Robertson, both senior planners in the Town of Mount Pleasant’s Planning and Development Department, held a presentation in the Berry Residence Hall about the Urban Corridor project in Mount Pleasant.  Students interested in Urban Studies and Planning attended the event, which was hosted by the undergraduate and graduate Urban Studies Clubs.


The Fall 2013 Convocation of Urban Studies Majors

This event featured Dr. Michael Frisch, AICP, from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  Dr. Frisch presented his work on how urban planning, as a discipline and practice, promotes certain norms and ideals about gendered identity.  He challenged ideas of heteronormativity, and he suggested that suburban environments limit the extent to which gay identities can be expressed.






Visiting the Halsey Institute

Students in Dr. Keenan’s Urban Applications of GIS class in fall 2013 visited the Halsey Institute as part of their learning community.  The two current exhibits challenged them to think about alternative ways of visualizing and representing maps and information.