Urban Studies Photos

Spring 2014

Spring 2014 Urban Studies Graduates

The Spring 2014 Urban Studies Graduates gather with Dr. Keenan after the afternoon commencement cermony.  Pictured from left to right: Kelsey Redfern, Robbie Roberts, Harrison Gaeng, Amy Carr, and Kevin Keenan.

Amy Carr and Kevin Keenan at the HSS Awards Ceremony

Amy Carr is honored at the HSS Awards Ceremony.  She is pictured here with Kevin Keenan, Director of the Urban Studies Program.  Amy was honored as one of two Outstanding Students in the Urban Studies Program in Spring of 2014.

Robbie Roberts and Kevin Keenan at Honors Ceremony for URST

Senior Robbie Roberts is honored at the Urban Studies honors ceremony.  Robbie was one of two Outstanding Students in the Urban Studies major for the spring of 2014.

Field Trip to Daniel Island, SC to see New Urbanism in Action

Urban Studies students attended a field trip to Daniel Island, SC in the spring of 2014.  Daniel Island is a master planned community that utilizes the principles of smart growth and New Urbanism.  The students were able to explore this mini-city and see the principles they learned about in class applied to the real world.

Water Use Law Field Trip to Folly Beach Spring 2014

Capt. Robert Hopkins, Naturalist and Eco Consultant, with All Out Adventures, LLC, took the class through Dewees Inlet to teach the Spring 2014 Urban Studies Water Use Law class about some of the environmental impacts of dredging, coastal development, and the influx of commercial fisheries versus the recreational and independent crabbers and oyster catchers. 

Mount Pleasant Planning Presentation in Urban Geography Spring 2014Christiane Farrell, Director of Planning for the Town of Mount Pleasant, and Kelly Cousino, Senior Planner, delivered a presentation to Dr. Keenan's Urbanization and Urban Geography class on April 10, 2014.  The presentation focused on what it is like to be a planner in practice, including topics such as community outreach and engagement, politics, and leadership.